Our Services

Whether you need advice on setting up a holding company or need assistance with a proposal to obtain bank financing, we can help you find answers to what are sometimes difficult questions.

Accounting and Auditing Services

One of our core functions is preparing, reviewing or annually auditing the financial statements of a company and reporting these findings to the shareholders. The importance we place on this service means that one of our Partners is always directly involved in these assignments. They are in turn supported by key staff from Gilmore & Company, as appropriate. We are committed to offering superior service in this area and ensure this by our hands-on approach at the highest levels within our firm.

Because of the close relationship we build with clients we are able to provide additional services that our customers benefit from. Our experiences in reviewing and auditing allow us to provide valuable insights into opportunities we uncover during this process. These could include ideas for improving the efficiency and internal controls of your operations or any other matter that we feel may be of importance to you.

Taxation Services

A key to Gilmore & Company’s success lies in the solid reputation we’ve built in the preparation of income tax returns. Our experience is extensive in personal, estate, corporate and charitable income tax return compilation and planning. Our clients also benefit from the innovative tax planning functions we provide relating to asset ownership, estate planning and business continuity.

Litigation support

Are you involved in a legal action where financial matters are an issue? We can work with your legal representative to collect, analyze, prepare and present information related to your case.

Personal financial planning

Your financial future is important to us. We can assist you in managing your debt, creating a personal budget, managing assets, planning for your retirement and determining your life and disability insurance needs. We can help you reach your financial goals.

Strategic Planning

If you’re the owner and manager of your business, you may not have the need or the resources to hire a full-time qualified financial advisor. That’s where we can help. As your needs dictate, we can advise on many issues including ownership of assets, existence and set up of holding companies and continuity of businesses. We can be valuable business partners in your organization

Financial Forecasting

Having an edge on the competition is crucial for success in business. Our experience in the industry bolsters our ability to read the signs on the wall, and provide you with information that will help you plan for your business’ future. This could include such services as cash flow projections, budgeting and corporate restructuring.

Business Valuations

Whether it’s for a sale or purchase of a business, estate tax planning or valuation, divorce, business purchase price allocation, collateral documentation or litigation, we can help you estimate the business’ selling or purchase price.


We have played an integral role in obtaining financing for many of our clients whether it is for entrepreneurial initiatives or ongoing business operations. Our exposure to a broad range of financing solutions gives us the ability to find the route that meets our clients’ specific needs.

By working with both established and newer banks, we are able to directly assist our clients in accessing the funds they require to meet their strategic objectives. We also have a great deal of experience working with all levels of governments as a source of funding for conventional loans as well as grants and other incentive programs.

Business Opportunities

Do you need advice on acquisitions or mergers, contracts, personal benefit plans or other matters related to new business? We can help.

Systems Design And Implementation

We can work closely with you on the design and implementation of information and control systems. Our past work has gone far beyond the creation of normal accounting systems and has encompassed such areas as management information systems and production control systems.

Personnel Recruiting

Though we’re not an executive search firm, we can assess the technical ability of prospective candidates for financial accounting and control sectors of your business. Using this service, our clients have had a great deal of success in finding the right people for their needs. We can help you fill tough positions.

Estate And Trust Planning

While it’s never easy to discuss the issue of death, it’s important to have a basic estate plan in place to avoid leaving loved ones in financial jeopardy after you’re gone. Our partners and staff have the experience and ability to help you make sure you provide for your family. Let us assist you in consultation with your lawyer in preparing a will that takes care of your family’s future.

About Us

At Gilmore & Company LLP, Our Goal Is To Provide The Absolute Best Advice.

We’re committed to coming up with practical solutions to your unique business challenges. We’ve been in the business of offering top quality service since 1977. From basic accounting to financial consulting, our six partners have the knowledge and experience to make your money work for you.